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30 November 2008

About Myself!!!

Firstly,before I start my blogging,let me introduce a little bit about myself.My full name is Saidatul Nadila bt Saad and I was born at Pendang.Now I'm 19 years old.I was a second child from my siblings.I have one big sister and one younger brother.Before I studied at CFSIIUM PJ,my previous school is SMK Pendang and I studied there for 5 years which mean from form 1 until form 5.Plus I want to mention here that I was a prefect at my school.Besides I love to participate in many competition such as debate,recite poem, and many more.It takes a long of time for me to write it down here if I want to tell more about it.^_^

Now I want tell you about my happy family.There are 5 family members in my family including me.My daddy's name is Saad b Awang Kechil.Now he is 55 years old.Quite old but still look young.He is a very hadworking daddy for me and he works as a gardener at Pendang Lake Resort.If all of you have time,you can visit Pendang Lake Resort while having semester break.My mom's name is Rosnani bt. Saad.Do not be confused.My mom's father name is same as my farther's.My mom is a very successful housewife.Although she is unemployed,she done a lot of think such as sewing,babysitter and many more.She was very strict to her children even to my father.Even she is a very strict woman but she is very caring woman.For me,she is the best mom in the world.