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15 December 2008

Porter's model demonstrate how KFC can make a company more competative

Have you ever been eaten at KFC?As you are already know, KFC is the most popular fast food nowadays. It was established around 1960. KFC have many branches around the world. Over there we can eat western food such as burger, salad, white potatoe, coeslow, and french fries. However, KFC has threat of entry of new competitors such as Mcdonald, Marybrown, and A&W. The threat of this new competitors entry is high when it easy to enter market and law when significant variers to entry exist. So that, KFC make many branches widely. Beside that. KFC also make a strategy to increase their competitive edge with make delivery system.

On the other hands, KFC also cheaper than Mcdonald or others. It price is affordable for people. Customers can find alternative suppliers and compare price more easily, reducing the suppliers by gaining power. As companies, use the internet to integrate the supply change, participating suppliers, prosper by locking in customers. Today customer have a multitude of a choices to choose from, and as a result customers buyer power has increase. In this way, KFC have increase customers bargaining power with make 24 hours services.

Many strategy create subtitute product very rapidly. So that KFC have provided tool kit to attract kids and for sure their parents must follow their children. Customers today can buy chicken, burger, in cars at KFC. This service can make the threat low. Besides that, KFC also have rivalry among existing firm in the industry with Mcdonald. KFC also provided free internet to their customers while they can enjoy their meals.

KFC has competitive strategy to compete it goals. Through it's competitive strategy and organization seeks a competitive advantage in an industry. That is, it seeks to out perform it competitors in some measure such as cost, quality, or speed. Competitive advantage help a company a market and generate larger than average profit.

How to register Maybank2u account

This is just a general knowledge that I want to join with others.Maybank2u.Of course all of you have heard about this.This is one type of online banking.With this online banking, you can pay all of your bills from home. No need to go to the post office and make payment for the bills. For me, it give a big help for those who are always busy and do not have time to make the payment.

How to get this account:

1.Firstly,you must have an account in Maybank.
2.Then, use your ATM Maybank card and go to the nearest ATM.
3.Choose Maybank2u service and the select Maybank2u application.
4.After this, you need to enter any six digit numbers as your PIN.
5.Finally, open Maybank2u Homepage and click Login for the first time.

I hope this information will help others to register Maybank2u

Please remember your PIN otherwise you cannot register Maybank2u.

03 December 2008

Why information system is important to you?

First of all, the first thing why information system is important to me because it can expand our knowledge and educate people how to use technology wisely. Beside that, information system can boost up our economy and biotechnology. The most important thing is information system can tighten our relationship between people around the world. For my own sake of course when I graduate later, either will start my own business or will go to work for an organization, whether it is public and private sector, for profit or nonprofit.

01 December 2008

Children of Heaven

Children of heaven is an Iran film and Majid Majidi was the director for this film.This film is about a family in the Iranian city.There are five members of the family and live happily although they are poor.Ali(Mir Farrokh Hashemian),a 9-year old boy and Zahra(Bahare Seddigi), a 7 year-old girl.Theirs father's name is Karim(Amir Naji) who serves tea at his company while theirs mother is a housewife.Now, she is sick due of giving birth to her new child and doctor forbifen her to do any works except rest until she is healthy.

This film begin when Ali bring his sister's pink shoes to a cobbler for repairs because it was torn.After it was repaired,he goes to the bakery to pick up a bundle of flatbread and stop by at fruits and vegetables shop to buy potatoes.So he put the flatbread and repaired shoes outside the shop.But when he go outside,the repaired shoes outside was not there.It was taken by a ragmuffin salvage pedller who misunderstood that it was the shoopkeeper's.Ali's life change from that moment.He searches the shoes all the way back to his home but he cannot find it anywhere.When he arrives home,his sister,Zahra ask about her shoes hut Ali tell everything about the lost shoes and ask Zahra do not tell theirs parents about the it.Then he go out again to find the shoes but it is hopeless.

At night,Zahra ask Ali ho
w will she go to the school without shoes tomorrow and Ali told Zahra to wear slippers but Zahra do not want because her teacher will scold her if she wears slippers to school.Then Ali find a solution and he ask Zahra to wear his shoes because Ali start his school in the afternoon.So they can change the shoes in the middle way.Zahra rush back to home to change the shoes with his brother.Plus,because of that,Ali always late for his first class and scolded by the

On Friday,Karim ask Ali to join him to go to the city to find an extra money for the family and luckily they are accepted to do garden at one of the big house.After Karim finished all his work,he got payment from the landlord and Karim was very gratefull.They going home with a big smile and Karim start daydreaming to buy goods for his family.Ali ask his father to buy new shoes for Zahra because her shoes was torn and his father promise to buy new shoes for both of them.

At school,there are along distance running competition at his school.At first,Ali was not interested with the competition and after he saw the thir prizes which is a pair of sneakers,he quickly beg his teacher to register his
name for the competition an he was accepted.He told the good news to Zahra and promise her that he will win the third place and give the sneakers to Zahra.Zahra was very happy.

The competition day arrived and there were a lot of students participate in the competition but Ali was not afraid of loosing.He only want to win for the third place.The race begin.Ali run as fast as he can from the beginning because he needs to defeat other student and only lose to two students.So he try his best from the beginning and lastly,he won the first place.He was very sad because he only want the pairs of sneaker for his sister.Ali go home wit sour face and his legs was badly ijured.The story end here when Ali put his legs in a pond in fornt of his house without knowing his father just buy new shoes for bot of them.