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15 December 2008

How to register Maybank2u account

This is just a general knowledge that I want to join with others.Maybank2u.Of course all of you have heard about this.This is one type of online banking.With this online banking, you can pay all of your bills from home. No need to go to the post office and make payment for the bills. For me, it give a big help for those who are always busy and do not have time to make the payment.

How to get this account:

1.Firstly,you must have an account in Maybank.
2.Then, use your ATM Maybank card and go to the nearest ATM.
3.Choose Maybank2u service and the select Maybank2u application.
4.After this, you need to enter any six digit numbers as your PIN.
5.Finally, open Maybank2u Homepage and click Login for the first time.

I hope this information will help others to register Maybank2u

Please remember your PIN otherwise you cannot register Maybank2u.