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15 January 2009

New task!!!!!!!

Thank you my lovely lecturer for giving us this task.^_^

Overall, there are 5 task need to be done only in 12 hours and 2 minutes.Very challenging for me.Need to find a lot of information only in a limit time but insyaAllah I will try my best to complete this task.

Task no 1

First task.Give an example website that consider as cybersquatting.

Here i provide two URL that consider as cybersquatting.


These two website I found at this URL http://news.softpedia.com/news/Cybersquatting-Microsoft-Domains-49342.shtml.This website told me about these two URLs that have connection to Microsoft.

Task no 2


Title : The Strong arm of the law / : armed and public order policing /P.A.J. Waddington
Call No : HV8195A3W118
ISBN : 0198273592

Title : Pollution, politics, and international law : tankers at sea / R. Michael M'Gonigle and Mark W. Zacher
Call No : d44 K3590.4M617P
ISBN : 0520045130

Title : Law and justice : an introduction / Richard A. Myren
Call No : d61 KF384M998L
ISBN : 0534081126

Human science

Title : Selective inventory of social science information and documentation services = / Inventaire selectif des services d'information et de documentation en sciences sociales = Inventario selectivo de servicios de informacion y documentacion en ciencias sociales /prepared by the Unesco Social and Human Sciences Documentation centre
Call No :lu H61.9S464
ISBN : 0854962700

Title : Leadership in human services : how to articulate and implement a vision to achieve results / / Leslie H. Garner, Jr.
Call No : HV91G234
ISBN : 155542144X

Title :Human jurisprudence : public law as political science / Glendon Schubert ; foreword by David J. Danelski
Call No : d61 KF8700S384H
ISBN : 0824802942


Title : Artificial intelligence : towards practical application : proceedings of the joint Technology Assessment Conference ..., Ruschlikon, Zurich, Switzerland, 12-13 April 1984 / edited by Thomas Bernold and Gunter Albers
Call No : Q334T255
ISBN : 0444877193

Title : Communication technology update / August E. Grant, editor ; Jennifer Harman Meadows, assistant editor ; in association with Technology Futures, Inc.
Call No : TK5101A1C734G
ISBN : 0240802799

Title : TechTV's upgrading your PC / Mark Edward Soper and Techtv
Call No : TK7887S712T
ISBN : 073571360X (pbk.)

Task no 3

This task need to visit Bro Mohd Asmady Zakaria blog and asked to list at least three things that I like with his blog.

But here, I'm a little confused about the task.Is the task ask to view blog or website.

If the task ask to view the task, this is the link to visit the website http://staff.iiu.edu.my/masmadyz/.

Firstly I will give a very short brief about this website.First and for most, this website is very organized.There are a lot of latest information and also pictures that we can grab from there.Back to the point, about the task.State three things that I like about this website.First, of course the chatting box.Why?.Because it is easy for the viewer to leave comment at the admin or Bro Asmady also can just reply it there and it is very helpfull.Secondly is about the news for Bro Asmady students.This is important to the student because all the information about the lectures and schedule for the class is here.So the student must be alert to his website and news that has been uploaded by him.Last but not least, the prayers time.I think, somehow it will remind students or viewers about the prayers time.Finish for the website.Let go to the blog after this.

About Bro Asmady's blog.Here I provide the URL.http://blogs.iium.edu.my/masmadyz/.I have explore this blog and I found some interesting things.Firstly is about the wordpress.Now I know that there are other type of blogging.Not just blogspot, multiply and now wordpress.If we do some research, I think there are a lot of types of blogging in the Internet and also the type of blog that Bro Asmady used was wordpress.Second thing that I found interesting about this blog is I think it is more organize than blogspot.Why?I think wordpress are more friendly user than blogspot.That only my opinion.Don't be mad.Lastly, I got new information about XFN(XHTML Friends Network).It is like social networking that we can know other people via internet.This is so much interesting.We can make even more friends with it.This is like link back to the viewer who view our blog.Finish with the blog.

Task no 4

Name the URL for Kuliyyah ICT or KICT.

Luckily there are my friends are already there.So I can get information from them and the URL is http://kict.iiu.edu.my.

There are a lot of information in there such as about the department itself, academics, award and achievement and many more.Feel free to visit this website.